Military Training Systems

Since 1995, Riptide has been a leading provider of defense technologies and solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD) training and simulation community. Riptide is a proven performer in the development and application of military training products, systems and processes that provide additional value for our customers. From programming the original Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS) Proof of Principle to the current Targetry Range Automated Control and Recording (TRACR) suite, we've been designing and developing award-winning technology for over two decades. Riptide is the prime contractor for several significant military training programs and is a critical subcontractor on numerous other military training programs in the three components of the military training continuum – Live, Virtual, and Constructive.

Additional Programs

  • Socom-Wide Mission Support Services (SWMS - GROUP B)
  • Future Army System of Integrated Targets (FASIT)
  • Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)
  • Combat Training Center Objective Instrumentation System (CTC-OIS)
  • Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability (JPMRC)
  • Soldier Tracking System (STS)
  • Live Training Engagement Component (LTEC)
  • Boom Operator Simulator System (BOSS)
  • Intrumented Tactical Engagement Simulation System Increment II (I-TESS II)
  • Engagement Skills Trainer (EST 2000)
  • UH-72A Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT)
  • Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Systems Support (MTSS)
  • Air National Guard Advanced JTAC System (AAJTS)
  • Special Operation Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contract (SITEC)
  • Exportable Training Capability Instrumentation Systems (ETC-IS)
  • Common Range Instrumentation Systems (CRIS)
  • Range Monitoring System (RMS)
  • Marine Corps Instrumentation Training System (MC-ITS)
  • Range Data System (RDS)
  • Mobile Automated Instrumentation Suite (MAIS)
  • Checkout & Launch Control System (CLCS)