Waypoints Overview

Say goodbye to software training manuals! Waypoints provides an interactive, guided software training experience so learners can practice software in a safe, guided virtual environment until they are proficient. Waypoints allows you to deliver training that matches the latest version of the software you want to train your learners on, gain powerful insights, and prove the competency levels of each trainee.

Streamline your onboarding process for new employees with an interactive, guided software training experience


Guided software workflows to train your new employees on your systems

Guided Software Workflows

Tedious software training manuals and instructor-led sessions are a thing of the past! Through guided and automated workflows, Waypoints provides multiple levels of complexity to match or challenge the user's learning needs while learning the software.

Competency Based Assessments

After learners are guided through a process, they can be delivered a competency assessment to prove they know the software. Competency assessments can be timed, or measured by the amount of steps for the user to complete the required process. These assessments give management insight into areas users may be struggling to learn.

Competency assessments as part of your onboarding process
Videos, quizzes, and games can be served as part of your onboarding process using Waypoints

Beautiful and Engaging Multimedia

Any type of instructional media including videos, quizzes, games, and more, can be served within the Waypoints training experience to engage users and reinforce key concepts while learning the software.

Real-Time Microlearning Help

Waypoints can be configured to offer contextual help right at the point of need served in microlearning chunks to guide the user to finish a process if they get stuck.

Onboarding new employees - contextual help in microlearning chunks
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