Featured Military Products

Riptide's military training products utilize the latest advances in software technology combined with formal CMMI® Level 4 quality assurance processes to ensure they perform to the highest standards. This approach guarantees accuracy and performance for our customers. Our products are proven across hundreds of training ranges, military programs and installations worldwide.

TRACR Computer Systems are developed using the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and are IA-compliant and SATO-approved with the latest TRACR software installed. The TRACR Software is only available on systems purchased for use by the U.S. Army and USMC. The TRACR suite has been updated to provide legacy commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) target integration and support for multiple range systems.

  • TRACR Computer System
  • TRACR Desktop Computer (stand-alone item)
  • ERETS Interface Black Box Adapter Kit
  • ERETS Interface Adapter Board (stand-alone item)

Titan is a configurable training system for real-time situation awareness and exercise control offering capabilities for force-on-force engagements as well as the creation of After Action Reviews (AAR) for performance feedback. TITAN is comprised of rapidly deployable equipment that provides accurate mobile instrumented training functionality for up to 2,000 live participants along with tightly integrated live video content and tactical voice monitoring. TITAN interacts with current and emerging Range Instrumentation Systems and requires only a few hours of training to operate.

Waypoints allows you to create courseware for your onboarding process

Waypoints provides an interactive, guided software training experience so learners can practice software in a safe, guided virtual environment until they are proficient. Waypoints allows you to deliver training that matches the latest version of the software you want to train your learners on, gain powerful insights, and prove the competency levels of each trainee.

The Soldier Tracking System (STS) provides tracking and safety support for land navigation training events.   STS provides the trainer with participants' map location, alerts when participants enter forbidden areas or have not moved in a specified period of time, and provides the participant the means of requesting support when a critical event occurs.  STS allows replay and has automatic scoring functions for land navigation courses.   STS integrates with current and emerging range instrumentation technologies and multiple radio and cellular systems.