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Urban Operations Training System (UOTS)

Riptide has been involved in UOTS from the initial contract award in 2011 and is a critical subcontractor to Lockheed Martin. UOTS provides urban operations training for the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard units. The program supports permanent and mobile training sites, as well as live, virtual and constructive scenarios. Riptide delivers, integrates, tests, and fields complete and compliant video, After Action Review (AAR) and Scenario Execution subsystems in the UOTS system. UOTS prepares Warfighters to engage in the complex and constantly changing urban environment. UOTS develops Warfighters' intuitive decision-making skills so that they have the confidence to act decisively and appropriately. UOTS supports the full range of operational planning, preparing, executing, and assessing, spanning from traditional warfighting tactics to overseas contingency operations.

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