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Targetry Range Automated Control and Recording (TRACR)

Riptide has been the prime contractor for TRACR since its inception and provides complete lifecycle support. The TRACR system is a fully service-oriented architecture (SOA) training system that conducts live fire marksmanship and maneuver at over 250 US Army and USMC ranges worldwide. At its core, the TRACR program represents substantial cost avoidance by the Government in not only standardizing its targetry hardware, but also its target control software. Riptide was central in creating the Future Army Systems of Integrated Targets (FASIT) standard for targetry devices eliminating vendor proprietary solutions on live fire ranges. As part of the program's expansion, Riptide created an industry emphasis on controlled configuration management and systematic logistics efforts in support of so many deployments. TRACR allows targets to be controlled in any defined scenario, provides automated scoring based on doctrine, and supports after action reviews (AAR). Recently Riptide added a video component to the TRACR suite further enhancing the AAR capability. TRACR is part of the LT2 Product Line and as such is transitioning to a cloud-based infrastructure with Riptide leading the development effort.

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