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Soldier Monitoring And Tracking Systems (SMS)

Riptide assisted the prime contractor SAIC in the design, development, installation, integration, verification, test and fielding of the Soldier Monitoring System (SMS). SMS provides real-time tracking and monitoring technologies to the special operations community to augment exercises and training. SMS utilizes cellular and radio-frequency-based systems with advanced tracking software packages to augment training and exercises within the special operations community to support the creation and sustainment of an elite force. Riptide is the developer of the PEO STRI LT2 Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS) and Soldier Tracking System (STS) Exercise Control (EXCON) software, which is U.S Government owned, and provided most of the capabilities and features required by the SMS Tactical Monitoring System (TMS) software. Riptide implemented a low-risk modification to that software baseline in order to implement the SMS TMS required.

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