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Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) – Range Modernization & Mout

Riptide is a critical subcontractor to Lockheed Martin on the upgrade of existing ranges and MOUT facilities in support of the Saudi Arabia National Guard. Riptide delivers, integrates, tests, and fields complete and compliant video, After Action Review (AAR) and Scenario Execution subsystems as part of this modernization effort. The SANG MOUT program supports urban operations training for the Saudi Arabian National Guard. The SANG MOUT program includes the following training capabilities: Automated Shoot House, Urban Assault Course, and a Combined Arms Collective Training Facility, designated the Combat Village. The SANG Range Modernization Program upgrades existing ranges and installs targetry on newly constructed ranges. These live-fire ranges are used to train everything from small arms familiarization and qualification on Automated Record Fire (ARF) to collective Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) qualification conducted on a Multi-Purpose Range Complex (MPRC).

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