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Live Training Transformation (LT2) & Portal

Riptide has been a critical member of Team CPM and Team CPM Next working on the LT2 Software Product Line since its inception in 2010. The LT2 Product Line focuses on live-training domain requirements, LVC and joint interoperability to maximize component reuse, reduce fielding time, minimize programmatic costs and enhance training benefits afforded to the Soldier. Aside from the large business prime General Dynamics, no other company has executed more contracts, provided more resources, or had a bigger impact on LT2 than Riptide. Riptide's staff includes the current LT2 Product Line (PL) Architect and the CPM Construct Architect. Riptide's CPM Construct Architect developed the CPM processes and procedures, wrote the CPM Operations Guide, and developed and delivered CPM training to all CPM team members. Riptide, as the original developer and current maintainer of the LT2 Portal, has unmatched insight into the CPM processes and workflows, including the Core Asset Change Proposal (CACP) workflow used by the Core Asset Working Group (CAWG). The LT2 Portal provides security, configuration management, file sharing, searching, reporting, metrics, collaborative development areas, and management of LT2 assets. The LT2 Portal also provides the LT2 community with access to LT2 Product Line software and all associated documentation. The LT2 product line includes live training systems in support of home-station training, deployed training, Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) training, Maneuver Combat Training Center (MCTC) training and instrumented live-fire range training.

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