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Digital Range Training System (DRTS)

Riptide has been involved in DRTS from the inception of the program and is now a critical subcontractor to Lockheed Martin. The DRTS software developed by Riptide allows the U.S. Army to automate their live fire range tasks, enabling the qualification testing of both individual and collective tactical vehicle crews. The DRTS program provides the infrastructure and instrumentation for Abrams, Bradley, Stryker, and Aviation platform live-fire gunnery training and the ability to conduct Combined Live Fire Exercises (CALFEX). Riptide is responsible for designing, developing, testing, fielding, and maintaining many of the critical DRTS components. Riptide developed the Exercise Control (EXCON) and Systems Control (SYSCON) software components, the After Action Review (AAR) and Take Home Package (THP) components, and all the components that allow DRTS to communicate and control downrange assets. These include the universal target controller responsible for targetry control and feedback, the scenario development tool for creating doctrinal scenarios, the range data editor managing range assets, and the common instrumentation controller (CIC) responsible for communicating with the DRTS player units.

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