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Captivating Virtual Instruction For Training (CVIT)

Riptide, in conjunction with the University of Southern California (USC) Institute of Creative Technologies, delivered instructional and technical designs that highlighted expert instructor techniques to model within a distributed learning (dL) environment, as well as a software prototype of the dL module using a subset of existing Army's Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT) classroom material. The purpose of the CVIT research effort is to extend existing techniques and identify new techniques used by successful military instructors in the delivery of classroom material, and then map those techniques to core enabling technologies (such as virtual humans, branching video, interactive exercises and intelligent tutoring systems (ITS)) that may be incorporated into the design and development of engaging virtual and dL applications. This project outputs a generalized mapping strategy for courseware developers and a set of dL modules framed around the ASAT program. Riptide has produced a complete and vetted ASAT dL module that is being evaluated and assessed by targeted U.S. Army units, organizations or schoolhouses, and transitioned as appropriate. The final CVIT product will be capable of running standalone on a desktop/laptop, or remotely via an Army-administered content management system (CMS) such as Army Games for Training, or the Army Learning Management System (ALMS). CVIT will directly address several TRADOC Warfighter outcomes related to training, leadership and education.

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