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Consolidated Product-Line Management (CPM) Next

Riptide is a critical subcontractor to General Dynamics on the CPM Next contract. CPM has provided a service-oriented architecture (SOA) -based architecture for the Army's live domain since its inception in 2010 and is now transitioning to a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) capability. Riptide is leading the development of a web services-based portal to synchronize the data in the LT2 software product line Information Enterprise and the data in the Warfighter Focus repository. The solution provides a SOA architecture that creates a bidirectional web services API of both event-based and on-demand queries that share critical data between the two large programs. The CPM Next team manages the Army's LT2 live training systems that include nearly 300 training ranges worldwide, with training that scales from individual soldiers to brigades participating in live force-on-force and force-on-target training. Riptide's CPM Construct Architect developed the CPM processes and procedures, wrote the CPM Operations Guide, and developed and delivered CPM training to all CPM team members. CPM Next is the current program by which PM TRADE executes control of a system's lifecycle within a System of Systems (SoS) environment to maximize the commonality, reuse, and interoperability of the system while maintaining the integrity of the product lines from which it is based. The CPM Next program with Riptide's input and support continues to evolve the deliberate process for managing the development, production, and sustainment of LT2 products. It enables using organizations to maintain visibility and control of the configuration of those systems, and SoS integration for which they are responsible throughout the total system life cycle.

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